Jeremiah Moss: A Transition to Broadcasting

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Percussionist. Wigwam Affiliate. Future radio host. There are many words to describe
Jeremiah Moss, but there’s one vital that’ll describe his future: Broadcaster. Over the summer, he
experienced firsthand the environment of the radio business. The following is an excerpt of what
he endured.

Moss, 21, worked with WPRZ 88.1 in Culpeper, VA over the summer, one of the local
stations in that area, that dealt mainly with Contemporary and Bluegrass Gospel. He worked for
most of the week, under the direction of Mr. Steve Buchanan, from 1pm-4pm. “My mother was
on the station before, given that she’s a minister. Due to her knowing how badly I’ve been
looking for internships, she told me to contact the station, to see if there were any opportunities
of acquiring a position there.” He then described his workdays. “I was mainly the only person to
help out with CD operation, just to obtain information for songs,” he detailed. “I would help craft
keychain rings, refrigerator magnets, and label envelopes, to help when the station would mail
out newsletters. That’s only the weekdays. On Saturdays, I would be on-the- air from 4pm-5pm. I
would co-host with a married couple named Karen and Tim, who would usually focus base on
church, whether it would improve or contribute to society. My position came about to have a
millennial point-of- view, to see what my stance would be.” When it came to interview, he
inputted that some of the artists were nationwide, while others were international, which would
broaden the audience to newer heights. “Allan Scott of the Allan Scott Band, Shane White of

SWERVE, and Michael J. Ramplin & Friends are to name a few of the artists we’ve dealt with.”
What made this experience more worth it, is the fact that he got to record his last show of the
summer, with the person who guided him to where he is now. “My last show, in fact, was with
my mother.”

Later this semester, Moss will be one of the Dee Jays for “Cat-U Takeover,” a Catawba
College based radio show here in Salisbury, NC, co-hosted by Jalil Pack. When asked about his
overall experience from his internship, he then tied it in with his endeavors for this upcoming
show. “My internship was an eye-opening experience for me. While participating in this, I will
share all the knowledge that I have, to make this a fun and enjoyable ride for everyone.”
This is a project we hope will be a continuous thing, and to help gain a fanbase during the
duration of this program. Our segments are for everyone to participate and partake in, as this is a
show specifically for the Catawba Community, from the point-of- view from those inside the
Catawba Community.

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Jeremiah Moss: A Transition to Broadcasting