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The Tale of the Green Pig

By Lizzle Davis

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For a campus already revered for its environmentally conscious passion, Catawba is upping the game with green they can spend. Throughout this semester, faculty and staff are encouraging students to participate in the “Green Pig” movement by wearing buttons that signify their pledge to become both environmentally and economically responsible.

The project was constructed by Catawba’s Public Relations Department with a goal of reaching students on campus with a more meaningful approach to green consciousness than the run-of-the-mill “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. Ms. Tonia Black-Gold, the Communications Officer of the department, shares her enthusiasm. “We all know that we must be mindful of the environment in the way we live our lives, so the Green Pig initiative is a simple reminder of what our duties are and the importance of lessening Catawba’s carbon footprint,” says Black-Gold.

The program is masterfully laid out to promote the idea that recycling or reusing materials also benefits in saving time and more enticingly, money. Catawba faculty members are now on the look out for students bearing the green pig insignia with a five-dollar bill in hand for a reward.

According to Black-Gold, as much as $450 to $500 will be distributed within the upcoming months. As one can imagine, the response has been outstanding. Rarely does one walk outside dorm halls and not see the now-famous button proudly perched on a book bag, jacket, or lanyard.

As far as future plans, Ms. Black-Gold is zealous about taking the initiative to whole new levels, including outreach plans that could include t-shirts, Brita pitchers, and even sugar cookies.

Even with the development of numerous recycling bins and facilities, handy and convenient recycling bags, and the impressive Catawba College Center for the Environment, the campus is now silly with the green cause, bringing a no-nonsense approach to the economics of saving the world. It’s in this way that both the recession-stressors and smog-haters can come to one resolute agreement that some social reform is needed for this generation to become better citizens all around. Regardless, Catawba’s green just got greener.

Congratulations to Tom Cullop - a $5 Green Pig pen winner!

Congratulations to Tom Cullop - a $5 Green Pig pen winner!

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The Tale of the Green Pig