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The Sisterhood Continues…

Brandi Cockerham, Writer

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The Delphinian Society, which has been around since 2001, already has this school year off to a great start. With it’s over thirty new members, Delphi is starting to mix things up. With a new year and new members come new officers. Serving as President is Hannah Thomas, Vice President Lucy Scott, Secretary Brandi Cockerham Treasurer Ana Cooke, Historian Alexa Matlock, and Chaplin Sarah Mosier.

As newly elected president, Hannah Thomas has already made many changes for the society. As of this semester, an application/interview was no longer required to become a member of Delphi. Instead, after the club fair there was an interest meeting held and it was then decided that anyone interested and dedicated could join the society. There is a new policy instated this year saying that any member with more than two unexcused absences can no longer be a part of Delphi. This helps to ensure that the young women who join are truly committed and not joining the club for the sole purpose of getting a nice t-shirt.

I talked to a few new members to acknowledge how they felt about being new to Delphi. When asked why she wanted to join the Delphinian Society, Peyton Thompson explained that she joined Delphi so that she “could meet new people and be a part of something besides cross country.” Connal Kelly told me she “wanted to join Delphi because I don’t know many people here and I wanted to meet some people.” She also told me she is “excited about all of our get-togethers with the other Delphi members.”

I wanted feedback from returning members as well, about why they continue to be a part of Delphi year after year. Katie Newman, a sophomore, who has been a member of Delphi for one semester said she enjoys “the girls themselves and all of the fun activities.” Erin Kidd, a senior, who has also been a member for one semester explained that she is “excited to be in Delphi her senior year and she likes Delphi because everyone is so nice and happy. There is no drama, and they do the things they say they are going to do.” Khortni Hester, a senior, who has been in Delphi since she was a freshman, says, “My favorite part about being in Delphi is the sisterly bond between you and the rest of the girls. There are some girls in the sisterhood that you wouldn’t really interact with because they aren’t into the same activities as you are, so it’s a great opportunity for getting to know new people.” Hester adds, “What keeps bringing me back to Delphi is how much fun it is, year in and year out, and how we are constantly changing and expanding. It’s great!”

Delphi’s schedule is quickly filling up. Delphi girls will be bringing baked goods to sell at a few home football games, starting this Saturday, September 18th. Everything will be $1 and proceeds will benefit the society. Some upcoming Delphi events include the annual drop-in when alumni come back for a visit and mingle with the current members of the society. Also, in October, Delphi will be sponsoring a Vocation and Values dinner. During homecoming week: Powder-Puff returns!

As a member and officer of the society, I know first-hand how close-knit, caring, and most of all, fun the girls in Delphi are. This year Delphi will strive to stay active with each other as a sisterhood, and with our school and community to make it the best we possibly can.

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The Sisterhood Continues…