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Just In Time for Exams: The Library Extends Hours

Brandi Cockerham, Writer

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As of Monday, November 15, 2010 the Corriher-Linn-Black Library has extended its hours of operation on Mondays through Thursdays. Originally the library was open from 8am-11am on Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm on Friday, 12pm-5pm on Saturday, and 1:30-11pm on Sunday.  Now, on Monday-Thursday the library is open an extra two hours, from 8am-1am.

This change is a result of student requests followed by efforts made from the Student Government Association.  SGA has several committees within it, one of these being the “Ad-Hoc” committee.  I had the opportunity to sit down with a member of the committee to discuss these changes to the library hours.

Kelli Ferguson, Senior, explained, “The change in the library’s hours of operation is only a trial right now. SGA received word from several students expressing that they wished the library was open later, so after petitioning and working closely with the staff in the library, a deal was finally made.” The agreement was that the library would be open two hours longer than usual on Mondays through Thursdays. Ferguson says, “If the library sees that these bonus hours are being utilized then the schedule will become permanent.”

I asked some students how they feel about the new library hours and if they felt that they would use the change to their benefit. Garrett McAuliffe, sophomore, says “Yes, it gives me more opportunity to study at a later time because I am a night owl and hate studying early in the morning.” Kayla Jarrett, sophomore, explains “Yes, because I like doing my homework at night and I like doing my homework in the library. Especially during exam week- I study better and I am not as tempted to be distracted when I work in the library.” On the other hand, another sophomore, Christian Klimczyk, says, “No, I don’t like doing my homework or studying in the library. I am more comfortable in my room.”

Most students can attest to the fact that the library definitely seems to fill up quicker during the week before and the week of exams. For this semester though, students finally have the opportunity to stay a few extra hours in the peace and quiet of the library.

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Just In Time for Exams: The Library Extends Hours