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Jarrett Murphy

Jarrett Murphy, Writer

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March 17, 2011 was a great day for students and faculty. On this day, everyone got a chance to meet our new school president Dr. Oxendine in the administration building for a very special meet and greet ceremony.

Catawba held a reception for all to come out and welcome Dr. Oxendine back to Catawba, who was a graduate of the school back in 1952. Oxendine, who seemed happy and cheerful throughout the entire event, was enjoying his time with every student and faculty member. I myself even got the chance to shake his hand and talk with both him and his wife, who was also enjoying the celebration for her husband.

There were many who attended the greeting ceremony for Oxendine, but the majority of them were students. You could tell that Dr. Oxendine was loving the mass reception of students, because I believe it truly made him feel like he was a part of the Catawba College community again.

I know from my brief, but very interesting moment with Dr. Oxendine, that he is excited about becoming president of Catawba and cannot wait to facilitate the students’ and faculty’s needs. I think the school made the right choice in choosing Dr. Oxendine, because no one knows Catawba better than one of its own. I hope that those few students who did not get to attend the meet and greet, get a chance to talk with and meet him in person because he is an interesting person.

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Meet the President