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A Thankful Thanksgiving

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Kristi Leonard, Writer

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While asking students throughout campus what they were planning to do for Thanksgiving, as well as what they were thankful for, the responses were overwhelming. A few interesting responses were as follows:

  • “Visiting my grandparents and husbands grandparents (eating a total of three times), in Lexington, NC. I am thankful for my amazing God, my family, and friends.” –Tori Eller
  • “I am a non-native student and have different days and ways of celebrating things, but I think it is wonderful to know that you have a ‘Thanksgiving,’ and  it is a day where no matter where they live, they find time to be together, eat and thank each other. Not only will I thank my parents but also the faculty of Catawba College for providing me with the best guidance and opportunity to learn. Living in Salisbury I plan to cook for my parents on that very special day.” – Namrata (Sophie) Pahwa-Dange
  • “I am thankful for my friends, family, and all the great opportunities God has given me. I am staying here because I am on RA Duty.” – Richard Shuring
  • I am going home to Fredericksburg, VA for Thanksgiving and I will be enjoying the quality family time and of course the food. I am most thankful for my family. I could be living on the street but as long as I have my family I’m okay. Many people don’t have that.” –Rachel Gallup
  • “I am going home to NJ to be with my family, I am thankful for my amazing family, my friends and boyfriend for their continues love and support.” – Michelle Lescure
  • “Family from New York coming to visit.  Thankful for family and friends who are always there to support me in my actions and everything I do.” –AJ Murphy
  • “I’m going to The Great Wolf Lodge and then back home to Greensboro, NC. I’m thankful for my family and my friends.” – Kaitlin Bonner
  • “For thanksgiving I am going to the mountains, at a house my family has at Ridgecrest, with my family. We spend about four days there with my WHOLE family.”- Caroline Cozart
  • “Thankful for my family, friends and warm home. Spending lots of time with family and doing homework.” -Courtney Frick
  • “I’m thankful for all the blessings God has given me. I’m going home to New Jersey! :)” – Willie D. Gilmore
  • “I am thankful for my family, who have cared for me, supported me and loved me. I am going to my mamaw’s house in SC and having a big thanksgiving lunch with the family.” –Leah Ruth Thompson
  • “I am thankful for the health and happiness of all my family.” –Jane Snider
  • “Going home to my family in Ft. Myers, FL. Going to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and lay on the beach and relax.” – Spencer Preston
  • “Going to Kentucky to spend time with my three friends at Kentucky Wesleyan College. They used to go to Catawba. I am thankful for my family.” –Quashona Smith
  • “I am thankful for family health, personal health, friends health, and opportunities for education.” –Cole McDonnell
  • “I am going to Washington D.C. for Thanksgiving t see my mom, stepdad and brothers. I’m thankful for my life in general. I have a good one and have nothing to NOT be thankful for, family, friends, faith , a home, school, a job, the works.” – Jamie Gynn

As you can see we are all thankful for something, and all have someone to be thankful for. While we have already enjoyed Thanksgiving, it isn’t to late to take the time to thank someone. A simple “Thank you” can go a long way.

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A Thankful Thanksgiving