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What’s Missing after Cafe Renovations?

Rebecca Rider, Writer

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Sometimes, it’s the small things you miss. The cafe area of Catawba has gotten a makeover. What used to be Mondo’s Grill and the Smoke Stack is now a snazzy new Starbucks and a grill with a revamped menu. The seating area has been improved with comfy couches and chairs, as well as several new tables. But something is missing. What happened to the microwave?

For the past two years, at least, the Cafe’s microwave has been the only easily accessible public microwave and was used by commuters and residents alike to get a quick hot meal. Since the renovations, however, it’s been missing.

Cafe employees report that, by the end of last semester, the microwave was malfunctioning and had to be removed. Director of Dining Services, Jason Ritter, said that the microwave was removed for two reasons. The first is that, with all of the rearranging going on, there simply wasn’t anywhere to put it anymore. All the available counter space is being used, and the condiments table has been removed and replaced by armchairs. The second reason is that the Cafe has stopped selling frozen food, and isn’t looking to do so anytime soon. Either way, it looks like the microwave isn’t coming back.

So remember, if you’re packing lunches, bring something that can be eaten cold. And if you want a hot beverage, try the Starbucks.

Ritter also said that the renovations aren’t over yet. Dining Services hope to keep adding new features to the Cafe dining area throughout the year. So keep a sharp eye out.

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What’s Missing after Cafe Renovations?