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English Department Welcomes New Professor

Lizzle Davis, Writer

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Catawba College’s English Department welcomes Dr. Forrest Anderson, 33, a native of Salisbury, North Carolina. Dr. Anderson is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of South Carolina, and Florida State University. We at the Pioneer wanted to catch up with the new professor to see how his first year at Catawba College was stacking up. These are the results:

What drew you to Catawba College?

“I wanted the opportunity to teach at a small liberal arts college. I find the students at Catawba wildly ambitious and interesting, which makes them a joy to teach. I’m really impressed with the variety of activities my students participate in. For example, I teach prose fiction. Nothing’s better than teaching students who are already invested in the arts through their participation in theater, dance, or music. These students bring their own perspectives—their own understanding of how to create art—into the writing classroom. It makes for inventive and original stories.”

How would you describe your experience at Catawba College so far?

“I’ve been thrilled with my experience at Catawba. I feel really honored and humbled to be working with the poet Janice Fuller. I’ve long admired her poetry and it’s very fulfilling to come to work everyday and have the opportunity to talk poetry and fiction with her. Writing can be a lonely occupation. It’s nice to have a comrade-in-arms. The same goes for all of my colleagues in the English department. Our department is constantly sharing ideas about each other’s disciplines and teaching. I feel like I’m becoming a better professor at Catawba.”

What do you like best about being a professor at Catawba? What aspect do you find the most challenging?

“This is an interesting question. I just came from a Faculty Mingle at the Admissions Open House and I found myself being asked this question by several of the parents in attendance. I told them that what I like best about Catawba College is that the students are truly three-dimensional. Students here seem to do more than just go to class and focus on their majors. Students are involved in sports, the arts, the community, on-campus activities, and who knows what else. It’s nice to have such interesting students. The same goes for the faculty. I’ve attended three universities and worked at one other. I’ve never been around a faculty so committed to improving their college and providing new and exciting opportunities for their students.”


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English Department Welcomes New Professor