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Warm Bodies: The Perfect Date Movie

Tim Wellman, Writer

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“Cold Body, Warm Heart,” claims one of the film’s many movie poster advertisements. While this statement sounds a little misleading, considering the movie’s title, it accurately describes the new movie Warm Bodies.  If you didn’t catch this flick for Valentine’s Day, it isn’t too late to take that special someone out for a night on the town and treat yourselves to a wonderfully entertaining romantic comedy.

Although perhaps “romantic comedy” isn’t the right category for Warm Bodies.  Sure, there’s a clear romance-based story, and granted there are a number of laugh-out-loud moments.  But there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate category for this movie; there are elements of a horror film, a teenage romance, a lighthearted comedy, and a dramatic tale of survival all wrapped into one.  Regardless of what you call it, Warm Bodies is highly imaginative, and nowhere near the Twilight rip-off that I had pegged it for early on.

Our story begins in a post-apocalyptic world as seen through the eyes of R, the protagonist.  R doesn’t remember his name, other than a vague impression that it began with the letter R, because he has been infected and reanimated as a zombie.  Despite his lack of identity, R’s consciousness is surprisingly alert behind his shambling, dead body that struggles to utter even monosyllabic words.  His inner thoughts narrate, “Sure, I’ll eat anything with a heartbeat, but at least I feel conflicted about it.”

Due to some instinctual need to gather with their kind (hey, even zombies get lonely), R and his fellow corpses mill about the airport avoiding the decrepit, skeletal entities whose remaining humanity has completely disappeared; R and the other zombies refer to these abominations as “bonies.”  As R shambles into town with a group of zombies to feed on survivors, as zombies are known to do, he encounters one particular survivor, Julie, who stirs something inside him. R takes it upon himself to protect Julie, masking her scent and hiding her from the other corpses.  Thus begins a strange, complicated attraction between a human girl who hates and fears zombies and a dead boy who has eyes only for this girl’s heart, rather than her brain.

Whether it was due to preconceived notions of how zombies are supposed to act or something else, it took me a while to buy into the whole idea of the living dead retaining basic human emotions and speech.  However, if you go into the theatre with an open mind and a whimsical attitude, I promise you will enjoy yourself.  Warm Bodies has something for everyone, whether you prefer the humor of a romantic comedy or the action of a horror-survival thriller.  It’s perfect for both guys and girls, so ladies don’t let your man talk you out of seeing it because it looks sappy.  He’ll thank you later.

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Warm Bodies: The Perfect Date Movie