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RA Recruitment In Full Swing

Brandi Cockerham, Writer

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Most students have noticed the assortment of wild animal posters all over campus by now.  There are a variety of posters with lions, zebras, cheetahs, and safari scenes on them reading “Come Take a Walk on the Wild Side…Apply to be a RA.”

Beginning this Tuesday, January 22, students on campus will also notice that all the current Resident Assistants (RAs) will be wearing matching yellow t-shirts with the same safari scene on the back.  Students may be asking themselves: “What is all this fuss about RA recruitment?” The fact of the matter is that student affairs is looking to hire around eleven new RAs. The office of student affairs wants to receive applications from at least two times this amount, that way they have a variety of people to choose from.

The applications can be found in the student affairs office. It is recommended that students who are interested in applying get the applications soon, because it is necessary to have two references along with the application complete. Along with these items, a student who wants to be a RA must have a minimum GPA of 2.4 and must be in good conduct standing with the college.

When considering the benefits of being a RA, the most popular advantages include getting to live in a single room and getting paid $2,500 for the year. Along with these compensations, RAs receive valuable leadership skills and the opportunity to meet many new people.

Students who are interested in becoming RAs must have their application and references turned in to the student affairs office by February 19 at 5pm in order to be considered for hire. There will be recruitment tables set up in the student center during lunch and dinner times beginning this Thursday, January 24 for students who would like to ask current RAs any questions that they might have.

Students who turn in applications must be available the entire weekend of February 23-24 for interviews. Applicants will receive letters on Friday, March 1. These letters will read one of three things: 1) Thank you and congratulations! You have been hired, 2) Thank you for your interest and if you agree, we would like to have you on our waiting list, or 3) Thank you for your interest, but you were not hired. After these letters are delivered, applicants have until Monday, March 11 to sign and return letters signifying their acceptance of the job.

For students who are interested in applying to be a RA, pick up the application in student affairs, ask your RA for a recommendation card, and be sure to check out the RA Recruitment Facebook page, “Catawba College RA Recruitment 2013.”

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RA Recruitment In Full Swing