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Theatre Preview: Fall 2017

Jessica Pautz, Writer/Editor

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Larissa Garcia
A musical collaboration with Lee Street Theatre, a freshman showcase, a directed reading of an original play, and Catawba’s own student-directed play are what we have to look forward to this semester! The Theatre Program for Fall 2017 is going to be something that no one will ever forget. Upperclassmen and freshmen alike will have wonderful opportunities this semester to showcase their acting skills.

Once again, Catawba students have taken the opportunity to collaborate with the Salisbury community at Lee Street Theatre. For many years, Catawba College has allowed its students to audition for productions that the community theatre puts on. Last year, Lee Street produced a musical called Reefer Madness, which was nothing short of a hit. This fall, Lee Street will be performing the musical Next to Normal, directed by Craig Kolkebeck. Included in this production will be three of our own students, Larissa Garcia, Randy Stull, and Jacob Hammill.

This Pulitzer Prize winner is an emotional rock musical that takes you through various twists and turns for the Goodman family. Larissa Garcia, a Catawba senior, will be playing Natalie, the daughter of a bipolar mother who struggles with the treatments given to her. Larissa says that she is very excited to be working alongside her classmates and close friends and she knows that this show is “going to be a challenge.” Larissa mentioned she did not get a chance to see this famous musical on Broadway, but that she was very grateful that “I am now able to start with a clean slate. I now have the freedom to explore, experiment, and develop my own interpretation of Natalie.”

In early October, Catawba will be putting on a directed reading of the play Sister of the Stars. It is an original play written by Catawba professor, Dr. Bradley Stephenson. Taking place in the mid 1920s, this play shifts and compresses real time events that have previously happened. Since this is a directed reading, there will be no memorization; instead actors will have their scripts in hand during the performance. This reading is being directed by Professor Beth Homan. Sister of the Stars will be another wonderful production to check out this semester.

To give the class of 2021 a chance on the stage, professor Craig Kolkebeck will be directing the play, The Conference of the Birds. Per Craig Kolkebeck, this play centers on a group of birds that “hear a variety of stories that reflect the corruption of the human race.” “Students involved in the production will be exposed to a wide range of theatrical presentation including standard acting, dance, shadow play and puppetry, as well as play a multitude of character.” The first year showcase allows new students to learn how the department works, as well as giving them an opportunity to show off their talents to upperclassmen. Freshman, make sure to check your Catawba email on updates about this First Year Showcase.

Lastly, Dog Sees God could be one of the most exciting plays this fall. Directed by honors senior, Peyton Glendenning, Dog Sees God “plays off the essence of Charlie Brown and his gang, who traditionally, were not the most hopeful bunch to begin with.” Per Peyton, this play “is a coming of age story about trying to navigate the world that keeps pulling the football away from you every time you try to kick it.” Before leaving for summer, Peyton received lots of inspiration from students all over campus. “From every ADP I’ve seen lately, from the guys playing pool in the student center, from the look of panic on people’s faces as the Ketner doors close just a little too quickly on them,” every student at Catawba will be able to relate to someone or something in this wonderful upcoming production. This will be a beautiful story; however, it is highly recommended for a more mature audience. Before Thanksgiving break, make sure you come out and support your friends in Dog Sees God.

The Theatre Program in Fall 2017 is something no one will want to miss. Make sure you buy your tickets and come support your theatre community at Catawba. Keep a look out for more updates on upcoming shows!

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Theatre Preview: Fall 2017