April 1, 2023
  • 1:45 pm Give My Regards To Broadway
  • 7:22 pm Catawba Men’s Lacrosse
  • 7:21 pm Come On Along and Listen To The “Lullaby Of Broadway”
  • 9:35 pm Tyler Haines and Catawba College Football
  • 4:48 am Q&A with 4 Seniors!

Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) is a new tool being introduced to Forensic Biology. This technique utilizes DNA sequencing. MPS allows for simultaneous screening for mutations in genetically heterogeneous disorders, whole-genome screening for mutations, and detection of pathogens that may cause human disease. MPS is a very fast and cost-efficient way to scan for mutations in complete human genomes, which is a very important aspect of Forensic Science. MPS gives more information about DNA evidence, which is vital for mass casualty situations, as well as missing people cases. MPS can also provide more information from low quality and quantity samples than previous DNA analyzation techniques could.

Chloe Crane