November 28, 2021
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Trey Irby, from Concord NC, is an honors senior here at Catawba College and is preparing to graduate in the Spring of 2017. Irby is seeking a BA Theatre Arts Degree as well as a minor in Studio Art. He has been involved with the theatre arts department throughout his entire college career. His previous exploits include acting as the Scenic Designer for Woyzeck, the Master Electrician for On the Verge, the Master Carpenter for Comedy of Errors, and he has also managed to assist in the build of literally every single theatrical production at Catawba since the very first month of his Freshman year. His most recent project with Catawba College is directing Eugene Ionesco’s Exit the King.

When asked about his plans upon graduation he responded, “I would like to continue pursuing my love for carpentry and steel work post-graduation in the Charlotte area, but I also plan on developing my skills as an actor/director/scenic-designer type, and have also considered returning to my first love of film and going to graduate school for the study of film.” Given his previous success at Catawba, the future looks bright for Trey.

He also mentioned that in his free time he likes to read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, “There’s some pretty good life advice in there for everyone, no matter the current state of their lives.”

[This article is featured in the Fall 2016 Print Edition of the Catawba Pioneer.]