October 23, 2021
  • 8:00 pm “There really hasn’t been any growth”- The Zombielike Presence of the Cabarrus Youth Development Center
  • 8:59 pm Meet the Student Success Coaches of Catawba!
  • 9:14 pm Why I Decided to Transfer to Catawba College
  • 8:21 pm Dorm Approved Meals with Mary: Eggcellant Scrambled Eggs in Only 2 Minutes!
  • 7:58 pm Student Spotlight: Freshman Football Player Mike Jones!

Some people have the ability to leave a special presence wherever they go. Whether it be because of her sheer talent, her contagious smile, or her inspiring tenacity, Jessica Pautz does just that. A senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Marketing and Theatre Arts, has some big dreams that she will no doubt exceed. […]