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Monster’s Bars

On Friday, the 21st, Wigwam Production hosted a hip hop concert performed by an inspirational and encouraging rapper originating from Las Vegas, Vinci Carson. The night was never the same because of the impact of raw talent and bars that had fans takeoff from the ground.

In 2008, Vinci was introduced to rap and wanted to rap, but couldn’t find a way into it. Extending an open hand and helping some local friends, he decided to work with them, giving them a place to record and a mic to record with because he thought it would be a good way to express how he felt about certain topics. So, he wrote too. After hearing his own lyrics being played, he felt as if he had an empowering message behind it. His style, flow, lyrics all brought him closer to music. Vinci Carson wants to bring real Hip-Hop with a modern-day atmosphere attached.

Carson arrived at Catawba College at 6:00pm along with his manager Lawrence Honore and crew who oversaw video and displaying merchandise. They were all full dedication and enthusiasm. The clock struck 8:00 and it was time for Vinci Carson. Through the whole hour of his show, he poured his heart and soul on the stage and showed why he will be a major contender in the hip hop dimension. One of the songs he performed was his newly released single “Monster” which is now available on iTunes and it is very energetic and empowering.

After the show came to an end, Carson interacted with his audience by taking pictures with them and signing their postcards. The postcards were hidden in the couches for the spectators to receive for attending the show. Three women’s lacrosse players Grace Brennen, Michaela Gerard, and Brooke Applebaum enjoyed every moment of Vinci Carson’s performance and had a fun time getting to interact with him.

You can follow Vinci Carson on Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc. Also, his new single “Monster” is available on iTunes.

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