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Palooza ’17 Recap

A Ferris wheel, laser tag, cash, obstacle course, funnel cakes, and nice warm weather: Catawbapalooza ’17 was filled with nonstop exciting activities for every student, staff, and guest. The event went from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and for all of the students who attended, were the best six hours on campus.

Casey Whitt, a senior, showed her appreciation for her last Catawbapalooza. “I love Catawbapalooza. I always look forward to the attractions and, of course, free food!”

“We have a lot of activities, but this is the best way to get away from stress. I love hanging out with my friends and the funnel cakes are THE BOMB!” said Seth Allen who experienced his first Catawbapalooza this year.

At 10:00am, the Palooza Committee, Wigwam Productions, and Dead Athenian Society (DAS) gathered to help setup the attractions, stations, and food. It was a long three hours of running errands inside and outside for supplies as there was no time to rest. At 1 p.m. it was time to open Catawbapalooza and let a long line of students enjoy what was waiting for them. Students received blue or red Yeti cups labeled with the Catawbapalooza ’17 logo while entering. During the duration of the event, the DAS members were responsible for grilling hot dogs and burgers with the help of Wigwam Productions, who kept track of condiments and drinks. The Palooza committee supervised the entrance to provide wristbands for students and guests as well as the whole Palooza itself and ensured the supplies that were needed were well stocked.

Their hard work and dedication paid off hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles of thrilled attendees and Dr. Woodhouse, Catawba’s marketing professor, said “I thought it was very well organized and there was a lot of activities. My kids had a lot of fun. I saw a lot of my students having fun. It looked like big kids having fun. Great job to the organizations who prepared it all because I enjoyed it more than being in an actual amusement park.”

The Catawba community can’t wait for what Catawbapalooza ’18 will have in store next spring.

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