June 22, 2024
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Have you considered majoring in Nursing at Catawba College? Are you currently in the nursing program and need help studying for the stressful exams? Well, if you answered yes to one of these questions, you’re probably aware this major requires a lot of studying. Recently, I have interviewed a student who is currently majoring in nursing, and below you will find her study tips and strategies that helps them get through her exams.

Madison Elliott, Catawba College nursing student.
Photo by: Madison Elliott

Madison’s study and organization tips are color coding important terms within her notes. “I’ve noticed that using markers and colored pens really helps me study better since its organized by color.”

Photo by: Madison Elliott

Organizing a page, could easily help and improve studying. Just taking notes, can seem crammed. Try rewriting notes, to make them fun and exciting to review!

These study tips are not only beneficial for nursing majors, but also for students in other majors as well. If you want more study tips, try going to your academic advisor for more help!

Ariel Graham