January 18, 2022
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February 14. A day of love, heartbreak and chocolate. A lot of chocolate! Valentine’s Day could also be described as the double-edged sword of holidays. A mixture of emotions and anxiety as your night could unfold in a variety of ways. Maybe you have been planning a beautiful dinner for your girlfriend/boyfriend, or you’ve spent all year thinking of how to tell your crush about your feelings, or maybe you are one of the many who are forced to spend this holiday alone, loathing the idea of any kind of romance. No matter what your plans are, Valentine’s Day is intended to be a joyous holiday, and this means that a celebration of some sort must take place. This year, students around campus made sure to make the most out of the romantic holiday. Junior Kevin Geiger has been with his girlfriend, Natalie Bell, for almost two and a half years. “It’s a holiday that means alot to me and Nat because we are lucky enough to have this connection.” Geiger continued to recall on his Valentine’s Day plans. “We went to Charlotte and ate at the nicest restaurant we could find, this is starting to become a tradition of ours,” Geiger exclaimed. However, this year’s single Catawba students also plan on celebrating the lover’s holiday in a special way. “Me and my boys got together and just enjoyed each other’s company,” said Junior Xavier Hare as he expressed his interest in focusing this year’s Valentine’s day on friendship. “It does suck being single around this time, and maybe it can get a little lonely without a date, but if I can spend an extra day relaxing and hanging with my friends then I’ll take it every time and make the best of it.” Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, students at Catawba College are making the most of this day of affairs and enjoying the holiday in their own way.

Reese Scott