May 26, 2022
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Creating a relationship with God during your college career is very important! Many have said, “I want to grow my relationship with God, but I don’t know how.” Well, I have a simple and easy answer…spend time with Him. Yes, I know you have classes, homework, and social life, but God wants to see how you’re going to balance each of these things and keep your attention on Him!

I am an avid writer and this is how I grew my relationship with God. I write to God very often, but in college, it seemed like I could not keep the pen and notebook out of my hand! I was writing so much so that I found myself writing Him love letters while my professors were lecturing. No, I’m not saying write to God while you’re in class every day, but I am saying that I noticed our relationship had grown so much because I started writing. Therefore, I did not want to leave Him or stop communicating with Him.

In addition to writing to Him, I would pray in between classes. This very much connected me with God. I was the college student that LIVED to take a nap in between classes. I did not care if I had 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour in between classes, you better believe I was going to nap! Eventually, I decided my relationship with God was more important; so I started making my nap time for Him. I know for a fact God honored that.

Just remember, if you got nothing from this column, write and pray to God; for that will grow your relationship with Him! Don’t worry, I have more advice coming soon!

Jordan Darrisaw