May 22, 2024
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Image courtesy of Unsplash

As of 2022, it is confirmed that we are entering the sixth mass extinction, and yes, it is our fault. We are currently witnessing the beginning of the first mass extinction in 65 million years. This is called “The Anthropocene Extinction” and it’s the only one caused by a single species. We humans have destroyed various species due to climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, use of toxic substances, wildlife
trade, and industrial agriculture. There have been five mass extinctions that have wiped out over 50% of
species, however, the most recent were the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago. It took several years for
species to restore themselves on Earth, and since the dinosaur extinction, only about 2% of species have
bounced back from being wiped out.

Even though this type of conversation can be scary, there is hope. People believe the COVID-19 virus
happened because of wildlife trade and consumption. Because of this, they put a ban on wildlife trade.
According to researchers from Stanford University: “The ban on wildlife trade imposed by the Chinese
government could be a major conservation measure for many species on the brink, if imposed properly.” Since COVID, the earth has become more polluted than ever and we have seen the effects of our actions when we are careless with our ecosystems and resources. The degradation of the Earth is increasing at a fast rate, and soon enough, it will be too late to reverse the outcomes. This is why it is important to educate and encourage everyone so we can implement changes in our daily lives that would
contribute to making the Earth green again, even if it is something small.

Harmony Mason