January 19, 2021
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Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can all focus on the next most important holiday, Christmas. What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than participating in the story of A Christmas Carol. Lee Street Theatre has done a rendition of this classic for several years now. Instead of just telling the old classic Scrooge story, Lee Street has incorporated Salisbury’s very own trolleys. Taking people to different destinations around downtown, Lee Street’s cast tells the story of A Christmas Carol in a new light.

Darren Vance (left), Brad Stephenson (right). Photo by Pioneer Staff

Catawba College has been affiliated with Lee Street Theatre for a couple of years now. Students on campus can participate in productions like this for more experience in the theatre industry or just for their own amusement. Catawba senior, Darren Vance is participating in the Scrooge Trolley tours for his first time this year. Playing Young Scrooge, he has enjoyed every minute of this experience. Whether it be working with the different cast members or out in the cold three nights a week, it’s a memorable experience. Even during one of the performances, Vance explained that “there was a response from a little kid saying “I knew it!” when Belle brought the mistletoe up.” He thought it was precious, even though his scene with Belle did not end with another kiss.

Another Catawba representative, Dr. Bradley Stephenson, is participating in the trolley tours for his first time as well. Playing Mr. Fezziwig, Stephenson has truly enjoyed his experience with Lee Street thus far. “Meeting people and making friends, it’s such a welcoming community,” per Stephenson. Lee Street not only allows people to have an enjoyable experience in the theatre, but encourages others to meet people with the same interests. As Stephenson says, it truly is a welcoming community, which makes the experience all the better.

Even though tickets are unfortunately sold out for the Scrooge Trolley Tours, there are still some single seats available for certain nights. Be on the lookout for additional shows or even on the lookout for some of the spots. You might catch some of the past, present, or future scenes in our very own downtown Salisbury.

Jessica Pautz