May 27, 2020
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Jeremy McLaughlin is six foot seven, 225-pound athlete. McLaughlin is a Senior Communications major that is on Catawba’s basketball team. McLaughlin has been on Catawba’s team all four years and sees a bright future for the Catawba Indians.

Jeremy McLaughlin

“This year’s team is closer off the court than years past, which helps our overall chemistry on the court,” says McLaughlin. For those of you that don’t know what “chemistry” is in sports; chemistry is how well a team gets along and how their general flow is on the court. McLaughin is a completely different person the second the referee throws the basketball in the air to start a basketball game. When McLaughin is off the court, he is a quiet, conservative student, but when he is on the court he is known as the “Energy Guy.”

McLaughlin always plays hard and snags as many rebounds per game as possible. When asked how to describe Catawba’s men’s basketball team, McLaughlin kept it simple; “We are hungry.”  Catawba’s basketball team wants another year to add to the banner that is hanging from the Goodman Gymnasium and they want that year to be this year!

There is a different vibe when it comes to home games and away games. When there is an away game the team takes a bus to the destination. “The bus rides are usually fun. We ride with the women’s team and the bus has WiFi outlets and we watch movies”, says McLaughlin. But the second the bus ride is over; the shenanigans end as well. “I usually listen to either Maroon 5 or Michael Jackson to ease my mood and keep me calm, focused and ready to play some basketball,” says McLaughlin. Once it’s time to ball, McLaughlin is ready to go!

The one thing McLaughlin will miss when it comes to Catawba Basketball, is his teammates. McLaughlin doesn’t want his Catawba Basketball career to go unnoticed, “I want to leave a legacy. I want to be one of the greatest rebounders in Catawba Indian history!” states McLaughlin. McLaughlin currently has 385 rebounds in his Catawba career. If there is one thing McLaughlin could tell his fellow teammates it is that “they need to enjoy their time here at Catawba College. Live in the moment because time flies by.” Jeremy McLaughlin will be alongside his teammates December 15th as they take on Mars Hill at 4:00pm, right here in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Zachary Burhans