August 20, 2022
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Every year, Catawba College’s Theatre Arts program gains new, talented students and delivers extraordinary productions. Unfortunately, as the new students arrive, older students see their way out the door into new opportunities. One of these students is senior, BFA Musical Theatre major and Dance minor, Darren Vance.

Throughout his four years at Catawba, Vance has been through a rollercoaster of events. One that stands out was his participation in the production of Dog Sees God: Confession of a Teenage Blockhead, directed by now alumni, Peyton Glendinning. With only a week and  a half to prepare, Vance had to take up the lead role of CB. This was one of Vance’s most stressful moments, yet it was his most memorable.

“The one thing that has stood out to me over my four years at this college would be the people,” remarked Vance. “The general positivity I get with my close friends is something I can cherish forever.” As someone who knows Vance personally, he is a very caring individual, and anyone would be lucky to cross paths with him. Always smiling and delivering positive energy, Vance is truly a light here on Catawba’s campus.

Towards incoming Catawba students, Vance has some inspiring words –– “Be open to new experiences, and you never know what those opportunities may create in the future.” This advice rings true for incoming students, since many are unsure about their future plans. If you don’t have a major planned out, that’s okay. By taking different classes and being open to new activities, you never know what opportunities might come your way.

After graduation, Vance already has major plans. These include getting a job at a theatre company and working either in a performance or technical direction. Vance says, “I’m excited to get started in life outside academia, which is a little terrifying at the same time.” The real world might be scary, but with his experiences at Catawba, Vance is more than ready to face the obstacles of the outside world.

Catawba College was grateful to have Vance as such an admiring student in the Theatre Arts program. He would like to thank all the people who have made his college experience such a positive one; “Catawba wouldn’t be the same with you all,” commented Vance. It won’t be the same without Vance here, either. However, we wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors!

Jessica Pautz