July 24, 2024
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Have you stopped by McCorkles lately? The campus’s favorite place to grab a quick bite and hangout in between classes has made some changes this semester – adding a new combo to their menu and having new hour changes. Even for just a quick to-go snack it affects most students on campus. With McCorkles being new-and-improved it’s hard to resist temptation of not wanting to take a sneak peek.

Quick to-go meals are not so filling to the tummy, as they tend to leave you feeling empty, but McCorkles has something to fix that problem – the new hot dog combo. Modeling success after Wing Wednesday, Hot Dog Fridays are finally here. For only $5.99, you can grab their new hot dog combo, which comes with French fries and a drink. Most students agree this is such a great bargain. Students around campus are getting excited over the new food options at McCorkles. Jenna Greene, a music major from Concord, NC has tried the hot dog combo and rated it a “10 out of 10”. Students can’t wait for it to be Friday to eat this delicious combo.

New hour changes have also had a great impact on business. Students are adjusting their schedules to make sure they make it in time to grab a delicious Hot Dog. McCorkles is now closing on Friday’s at 3pm and Opening on Sunday’s at 5pm. With this in effect, there tends to be a wait line about 20 minutes before closing. Since the new hours have taken place more students come buy a mid-night meal. Allison Waters, a Delphi member from Mt. Pleasant, NC, loves the variety of options, but is aware of their limited availability on the weekends. “Knowing that McCorkles closes at 3 pm, I come earlier now and end up buying some extra snacks knowing it’ll be closed on Sundays.” Many positive things are being said about the new hour changes making McCorkles one of the top places to go to at Catawba. Come visit McCorkles today and see what all the fuss is about.

Hot Dog Friday and the new hour changes being offered at McCorkles is making it the new heart of Catawba when it comes to hanging out with friends while being able to enjoy an unforgettable bite of their delicious food choices. So, if you have any time come stop by and check out all the new things McCorkles has to offer.