June 22, 2024
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1. A Paranormal Encounter?

The first image comes from my Aunt Cindy. According to her, not long before my grandmother died, on a night when all the windows were thoroughly covered and all the lights in the house were turned off, there were several circular lights that materialized out of nowhere on the wall where my grandmother was sleeping. Although this photo is not very clear, you can still make out my grandmother reaching out to the mysterious lights. Were they spirits visiting her, or is there a more logical explanation? You be the judge.

2. Strange Sacrifice

I was taking a walk at the McAlpine Creek Park in Charlotte, NC, when I found this strange sight under a bridge. It appeared to be some sort of offering. Why it was placed there in particular, and to what deity or deities, I do not know.

3. Graveside Visitor

I was visiting Sharon Memorial Park in Charlotte, NC with my mom when I found that a bird, a Killdear to be exact, had made a nest with eggs inside, right beside somebody’s headstone. While it is normal for Killdear to make nests on the ground, it was bizarre that it chose to make its nest there of all places. Still, I found this image to be pretty cathartic, with new life juxtaposed against the deceased. It is harmonious interactions like these that make me personally prefer the idea of being buried over being cremated. What can I say? I guess I just like the idea of being close to nature.

4. Day of Vengeance!

This flier was found wedged in the handle of my dad’s car in a relatively nearby Sam’s Club parking lot. While the front of it could easily be mistaken for a cook-out flier upon first glance, given its questionable choice of font, the events described on the back are anything but reminiscent of the loving sentiments such occasions bring.

5. Flabby Tabby

The final image is more lighthearted. At McAlpine Creek Park in Charlotte, NC, I found this photo of an overweight cat just nailed onto a tree with no context or explanation whatsoever. Maybe someone just wanted to show off their pet? Who knows.

Looking around, I see many sights that make me question reality. I’m not always certain of my surroundings. However, one thing that I do know for sure is that the world is a bizarre place. Hopefully I was able to make you say “Hmmm” and spark your curiosity with this eclectic assortment of images!

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is the Editor-in-Chief of both The Pioneer Newspaper and The Arrowhead Literary Arts Magazine for Catawba College. She is a senior graduating in May 2022. She will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing and Communications with a minor in English.