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Vernaculars: The Legacy of 2018

A new semester, a new set of songs to brainstorm, rehearse, and conquer. A test that will take these students four months to master.  In May, inside the Hedrick-Little Theater, their final performances are scheduled to close out the semester.

Vernaculars is more than just a one credit course. It is a time for students who breathe music to not only to cover songs, but also to elevate their skills by stepping away from their comfort zone and challenge themselves. Vernaculars is divided into different genres in the pop culture. These genres include Urban, Rock, Country, Funk All Stars, Pop, Roots, you name it. The presiders include alumni Dennis Reed (Urban), Jake Martin (Rock), staff member Dr. Fish (Pop & Country), Adrian Crutchfield (All Stars), and Jeff Little (Roots).  However, these genres all require commitment, ambition, and dedication to put on a memorable show.

On Thursday January 11, students and presiders met in the Hoke Hall venue to format what to look forward to this semester for each genre. Every spring semester, students perform Legacy albums. For anyone who enjoys nostalgic songs from the 80s or 90s, it is going to be very exciting. These are usually songs by artists who are still well-known even today.   The artists pool contains the likes of Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Metallica, among others.

Jake Martin is keen on challenging and building up his vernacular group. “I expect my students to come prepared during rehearsals so we can run through these songs smoothly. In May, the audience will witness polished entertainment by these young adults who have taken on a challenge bigger than themselves” Martin explains.  Not only do students learn and perform legendary songs in the annual Legacy semester, they will also take the opportunity to solidify a legacy for themselves, especially for those who will take the stage one more time before graduating.

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