August 19, 2022
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  • It: Chapter 2
  • Paper Review 8.5/10
    • It is one of Stephen King’s better known stories and It: Chapter 2 picks up 27 years after the events of the first one. The losers, now separated and living their own lives, are forced to come together to fight off Pennywise, hopefully for the last time. With countless more scares and frights than the first one, Chapter 2 combines well written comedic elements and a simplistic but entertaining storyline. This sequel provides the audience with heartbreak, suspense and most importantly closure for the creepiest coming of age story known to date. A few plot points differ from the book but the importance of the movies central ideas come together in a way that sets it apart from the more basic films of the modern era. 
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home
  • Paper Review 7.5/10
    • A step in the right direction for the current line of Spider-Man movies, Far From Home offers a deeper look into the inner workings of Peter Parker and his complicated life. In this sequel, the writers do a better job of balancing humor with the more serious tone that is being delivered. Tom Holland does a great job showing the controversy between Peter’s friendships, his love life and being Spider-Man. Disney still struggles with allowing Peter to be his own character, piggy-backing off of Tony Stark’s legacy. The movie also refuses to acknowledge the importance of Uncle Ben, the real reason Peter is Spider-Man. The third movie is scheduled to release in the Summer of 2021, and hopefully they build on everything they did right in this film and eliminate the major issues with the character motivation and likeness.
  • Goodboys 
  • Paper Review: 7/10
    • Goodboys follows the misguided adventure of three six graders as they attempt to get ready for a kissing party. A good step away from the modern poorly scripted comedies of the 2010’s, Goodboys does a fantastic job of exploiting the innocence of the characters to present knowledgeable jokes that most audience members can relate to due to their own past experiences. The acting is slightly above average and the story is simple and sweet. Honestly, this movie is what it is, a simple comedy that perfectly emulates the feelings and faults of being a pre-teen. “Please don’t tell my dad, he will get me kicked off the sports team.”
  • Joker 
  • Paper Review: 9/10
    • A more than down on his luck clown, Arthur Fleck, faces the ugly truths of Gotham City as his ambitions and feelings are constantly neglected by the world around him. Joker gives us a supervillain origin story unlike any audiences have seen before. This captivating drama provides comic book fans and the common movie goer with a look into the mind of a mentally ill and mistreated man. Director Todd Philips captures his audience with brutal honesty and a prevalent message about the dangers/issues with modern society that go commonly ignored. Stellar acting and beautiful cinematography put Joker on the highest of pedestals for the 2019 movies. Joker has even stirred up some rumors about possible Oscar nominations. Joker however, is not a movie for everyone. It is brutally dark and mentally draining, it pulls the viewer in and forces them to witness the atrocity that is the Joker’s rise to fame. Joker is a methodically designed drama that is unlike any movie before it. 
  • Zombieland: Double Tap
  • Paper Review: 7.5/10
    • Picking up a couple years after the end of the first Zombieland, this sequel showcases a family life as well as a stable home that the crew has adapted to sudden unexpected heartbreak occurs when Little Rock leaves the nest in search of survivors her own age. The gang bands together to find and protect her from the evolved zombies found roaming the Midwest. Zombieland 2 provides a perfect continuation of Wichita and Columbus’s awkward but destined relationship. As well as showing vast character development in the rude and loveable Tallahassee, as he develops into a true father figure for Little Rock. The sequel furthers the quirky dialogue as well as the unique storytelling devices and gory fight scenes seen throughout the first. With the exception of a couple basic and predictable plot points, Zombieland: Double Tap is an entertaining and unique sequel that the world has waited way too long for.
Reese Scott