May 24, 2024
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Every year, Catawba is gifted with dozens of talented freshmen looking to work towards a career in theatre. One of these freshmen is offered The Burnett Hobgood Theatre Arts Scholarship, which is the full-tuition scholarship for an incoming student who demonstrates the most potential in “changing the face of American theatre.” After completing several qualifications such as maintaining a 3.5 weighted GPA, auditioning with theatre acts faculty, writing essays, and going through several interviews, a student is finally chosen. 

The student chosen to uphold this status for Catawba College this 2019-2020 academic year is Grace Poore. Poore recently graduated from a 2-year boarding school in Greenville, South Carolina’s Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. She has been invested in theatre for most her life and continues to pursue her dreams and learn more at Catawba. 

Grace Poore

When auditioning for the Hobgood Scholarship, Poore doesn’t remember much. “I think I blacked out during my interview portion,” said Poore, mainly due to being so nervous. However, her interview must have gone well because it solidified a spot for her at Catawba. Poore also mentioned that she was very interested in attending Catawba before the scholarship audition. Yet, being invited to audition for this scholarship made her know that this was a school she was very much interested in attending. 

Poore is on a BFA Acting major track. She is currently working on the production, Women in Congress, directed by Dr. Bradley Stephenson. She is part of the chorus and plays the role of a female announcer. “I like working with Brad,” Poore said. “He’s open and it’s a good thing –– I feel like I can explore and do things, I’m not worried about taking risks.”

Grace Poore with her two dogs Addi and Winston.

Theatre is not the only reason why Poore wanted to attend Catawba. “I really like the community and everyone seemed very nice and willing to work with one another,” said Poore. Catawba College is a liberal arts school with tons of exciting opportunities. Poore is willing to explore these opportunities by mixing in her own hobbies. She enjoys yoga, crafts, and hanging out with her friends. Theatre might take up most of her life, but that doesn’t mean Poore can’t explore other things. Especially the students that ride on their scooters around campus. “I’ve found that to the be the weirdest thing, I’ve never seen that anywhere,” said Poore. Just because you come to Catawba to do one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t participate elsewhere. 

Catawba is very lucky to have Poore on campus and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her. Her dog and cat, Addi and Winston, might miss her, but we’re glad to have her for the next four years. Keep a lookout for Grace Poore around campus and on Catawba’s stage!

Jessica Pautz