August 19, 2022
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Switching to a workout routine at home can be a bit tricky, yet with the help of a few social media influencers, and popular fitness gurus like, Whitney Simmons, Brittne Jackson, or even Michael Vazquez, I’m sure we all could be back on track in no time. Each of these influencers are doing their part and have offered their followers at-home training workouts through video, 30-day challenges, and even meal plans in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying on top of our health while at home and in quarantine is something that we can definitely have control of and a quick follow will allow you some assistance in doing so.

Each of the exercises that have been posted can be done in a short amount of time through HIIT  (high-intensity interval) training, or done in a small space with little to no equipment. If equipment is required, it could be something as simple as a backpack, a water jug, a towel, or even a small desk chair. There are many great options and opportunities to help all of us exercise and stay in shape while in quarantine. So let’s all be sure to work hard, stay safe, have fun, wash our hands, and follow some fitness gurus!





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