June 22, 2024
  • 3:04 pm Catawba’s Women Soccer 2023 Season
  • 6:28 pm Catawba Track and Field Prepares for Championship Season
  • 12:57 am Men’s Basketball Caps off Another Successful Season
  • 1:45 pm Give My Regards To Broadway
  • 7:22 pm Catawba Men’s Lacrosse
  1. 10 Steps” by Christian Leave – This indie-pop song is all about growing up. Christian Leave is questioning the conventional narrative that in order to succeed, you need to go to a 4-year college and figure out what you want to do. Instead, Leave believes that route isn’t for everyone, and realizes that he just wants to figure out life with someone special by his side.
  2. I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus” by Beabaddoobee – This alternative pop song is all about creating a new self-image and changing into the person you’ve always wanted to be. The song captures the struggle of wanting to change and how lonely the process can be, including the judgment you may receive from those around you.
  3. “Black Memories” by The Growlers – The Growlers take a break-up song and make it an alternative rock hit. The song has lyrics that are all too relatable, like: “pretending it will get better when you’re not around, finally free, but I’m lying to me.” This encompasses the feeling of not wanting to let go of your loved one, and knowing things are about to get hard.
  4. “Wings” by Mac Miller – In this song, Mac Miller takes us on a journey of him proclaiming that his emotional wounds are healing and that he has moved on from the darkest part of his life, hoping in the future his life will be brighter.
  5. Is There a Place I Can Go” by Trudy and the Romance – Trudy and the Romance describe this song as a love song about family, friends, and coming of age in the new world. I love this song for the emotional shift the artist reaches in the post-chorus, where you can feel the mood change from very energetic and loud, to slower. The notes and cords are held out longer, then, like a stepping stone, connect the song to the chorus in a glorious climax.
  6. Nerve” by Destroy Boys – This alternative rock anthem is all about the complicated relationship of an artist who simultaneously likes someone enough to write songs about them, yet also feels really annoyed by them at times: “you get on my nerves” as the singer puts it so eloquently. The artist is also obsessed with wanting to know if those feelings are requited or not.
  7. Cumdown” by The Pesos – This is one of the more deep songs on the list. The Pesos made this song about addiction, the feeling of the high, and how much better life seems when they are in this state, as well as how much it has ruined regular life for them. The artist adds a lyric declaring: “and I don’t ever wanna cumdown again”. The song also touches on the rough upbringing of the artist, and how it contributes to their struggles.
  8. Too Tired” by KALI– In this alternative pop song, KALI perfectly captures the feeling and sound of feeling burnt out with lyrics like: “everybody wants something” and “but I’m only human, so tell me when to breathe”. Life can be a lot sometimes, however, we were always told growing up that hard work is what makes dreams become a reality. Yet KALI has been working so much that she no longer is having fun because she is too tired.
  9. Woopie” by Still Woozy – Still Woozy, also known as Sven Eric Gamsky, shows his insecurities in this song, singing lyrics like: “why would you want me, why would you care?” Although, as you can tell, his issues materialize in his relationship, his girlfriend reassures him by staying with him and showing him how much she cares.
  10. Cherry Jerry Citrus” by Hey Cowboy! – This indie-pop song is a simple love song about dreaming of the person you feel that connection with. It’s almost like a fairy tale type of love, with the background vocals making it sound very angelic, while still keeping it very upbeat with the chorus: “I linger on the one I love, I linger on you, I linger on you”.

Skylar Payne

Hi, I am Skylar Payne, I major in Integrated Marketing and Communications and have a minor in Marketing. I am also a part of the school's Track and Field team.