August 20, 2022
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Are you stressed because you won’t get that “summer bod” because of this quarantine? Are you going stir crazy not being able to work-out? As useless and boring as it seems, at-home workouts are extremely beneficial in more ways than one. There are many popular apps that give you a coached 20 to 30 minute workout with demonstrations and more. There are YouTube videos to follow, in many cases. However, these tutorials mostly include equipment and many people don’t have equipment at home.

During my quarantine time, I have established a variety of full body at-home workouts that AREN’T boring and use no equipment! I think many students and faculty could find this useful or perhaps just a little something to do to get off the couch and break a little sweat.

One example circuit is listed below:


Warm up and stretch!

Arm swings = 10x each arm

Leg swings = 10x each leg

Toe touches = 15-20 seconds

Jumping jacks = 10x

(Repeat 2x thru)


For this full-body workout, its time to get outside! Staying six feet away from anyone else, of course.

Run: 3 minutes at a push pace (this is a challenging but sustainable pace)

Squat jacks: Immediately following your 3 minute run, complete 20x of squat jacks

Push-ups: following squat jacks, complete 10 push ups

(Repeat this circuit 3x thru)


(Each exercise is 30 seconds long, circuit equivalent to two minutes)

Reverse crunches

Mountain climbers

Leg lifts

Bicycle or Russian twists

Followed by a warm down of stretches that you think are beneficial, such as repeating the warm up minus the jumping jacks. Make sure you stay hydrated and get some protein in your body too!

Emily Najar